Facebook Verified ✔️

Facebook Verified ✔️


Most people think being "Verified" on a social media platform is a celebrity thing when in actuality it's not.

Facebook specifically has rolled out a second verification option for businesses  and there's a few reasons why it's important to take advantage of this.


I'm a YouTube head. I love watching videos tutorials, reviews, and down the rabbit hole things (yes the pimple pop videos) on Youtube. About 6 months ago, I subscribed to a new, smaller YouTuber and would chat back and forth with them in the comment section.

I finally found their Twitter page, follow them and continued the rapport we had built. One Saturday, morning I noticed a tweet from this individual asking if someone would give them access to their Netflix account. At first I found it strange, this person has amassed a particular amount of followers and yet you aren't able to afford a Netflix account, but whateves. I dm'd the user my Netflix info and thus began the share of my account.

A month later I realized this person wasn't the legit Youtuber, only a fan account...

So, I had just given someone random access to my Netflix account, which has my phone number, address, and credit card info...

Here's the kicker neither account, the real or fan page is verified.

All of this say, I learned the importance of the checkmark. As a business it is super easy for you to obtain a check mark on Facebook and here why I believe it is the best thing you could do for your brand.

Times have changed for consumers. It used to be that you would look in the phone book for a companies number, but nowadays, with Google, Yahoo, and Bing we have access to a world of information, companies, and frauds.

The checkmark will set apart your business from the fakes and let the consumer know that it is you, your business.



The Blue checkmark is for celebrities and personalities. This one is hard to attain but if you're famous enough it'll happen.

The Gray one, thats yours! You, as a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and verify your brand on Facebook so consumer know they aren't getting the bate and switch.

A lot of blogs will tell you that the Gray checkmark doesn't matter and isn't desired but I disagree. I think this checkmark is great for your customers. It allows them to see that it is you


1. Your page must be a Local BusinessCompany or Organization, to be eligible for a gray verified check, meaning it must be categorized as that on Facebook.

2. Go to Settings for your Fan Page and and under the General section click Page Verification. 

3. Click Verify this Page and follow the steps for verification. It can be done with a phone call or uploading business documents, I personally recommend uploading a business document as I have found that the process is quicker and leaves little doubt of your identity. 

But You Want That Blue?

So you came her because you wanted to find out how to get the blue checkmark.... Sorry, I don't have that info for you. Facebook and other's are selective on who they get to do this. Most time you'll have to hire someone to attain this for you but here's a few tips to keep your brand recognizable for your fans and keep them from getting scammed by fakes.

1. Have Consistent Branding. Use the same photo on Facebook as on Twitter, Instagram, and wherever else. Use the same cover photos, bio, and etc. Make a trail for your audience to easily find and follow you.

2. Publicly List All Your Links. Take advantage of the icons on your website and link them to your social sites, put your usernames in your bios for your social platforms, make the information visible. The scammers aren't going to link back to your pages, they have their own pages to promote.

Good luck out there!



A Creative: Heather Toler

A Creative: Heather Toler

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