Ways You're F*cking With Your Brand...

Ways You're F*cking With Your Brand...

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Running a company is hard enough without the added need for a strong web and social media presence. Sometimes in our haste we do things that are counter productive to the visibility and growth we desire.

Here's a few ways you're ruining your brand:

Know Your Endgame.

There's nothing worse than getting into a blog, web series, tv show, or podcast and it just stops. The same goes for your customer base, don't create a thing without knowing your endgame. For instance, this is a 1 part blog to be followed up with an Ebook. We're not promising a 8 part blog series to be posted for four weeks, we're promising one post with an eventual ebook to follow.

Know your endgame. What's the point of your content, your brand, what you're selling. Lets say you want to sell posters,  you're going to build your website, web presence, and promotional materials so you are facilitating your sales. You don't need a physical wrecking ball to sell your posters, you need a camera, wall space, a web store and editing materials. Stay focused on the finished product, the endgame, so your message doesn't get lost in the shuffle. 


Be Consistent.

Inconsistent brand messaging breeds inconsistent results. Your visual identity is important, your profile photos and bio's on social media, the type of graphics you use in promotional materials  allows the audience to recognize and connect with your brand. Things don't have to be exactly the same, but a rhythm helps people know what to expect from you. Let's relate it to something you may understand more...

I love tv and music. One of my favorite producers is Shonda Rhimes, one of my favorite musicians ever would be the eternal Tito Puente. With each of these amazing artist you know what to expect. From Shonda, a strong dose of drama/trauma with a lasting message. Puente, he was the El Rey de los Timbales, you knew you'd hear some sick percussions, YOU KNEW WHAT YOU WERE GETTING.

Just like the above artists, your business needs to provide consistency to its customer base. a strong Be consistent in posting, language, and style. Consistency is key people. We can’t have one profile photo on your Facebook Fan Page, another on your twitter profile, and a symbol for the profile image on Instagram. 
This also applies to urls and profile names. Your brand needs to be recognizable. even without the coveted blue check mark, your clients should always know they have reached your official pages by seeing your consistent look.

ALSO, Be present for your audience, don’t “Ghost” them and still expect their attention.

Here's a post we did on Facebook Verification and how it helps your client base.


While building your following it is easy to get to the place where you feel like you need to focus more on growth than growing the current relationships with your clients, followers, and more.  Instead of hunting for tons of followers and clients focus on growing current relationships and clients.  Develop a kinship with your followers. Answer their questions, go to their page and like their photos, retweet their tweets, comment on their accomplishments. They champion you, so champion them. DM new followers thanking them for the follow and inviting them to check out whatever you have going on currently. When people are sold on a brand it is often based on experience. Give them an experience.  


Overloading Your Audience...

Let's say you feel like you're a master of the above tips but you still have issues with interacting with your followers. Sit back and take a look at how you are posting. Do not, for the love of God, overload your audience. If you're posting selfies, promo materials, and food pics several times a day you may be overloading your audience.  Pick a few important messages to get out during the week and leave the week to just those. Overloading them with a billion announcements, events, and etc will desensitize them to your posts. Have a game plan, only announce whats relevant to the timeframe. Another option is to calculate what you like to post and break them up according to platform. For instance, major posts, announcements and etc can go on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Monotonous things can go on SnapChat, InstaStory, and Twitter. 

In the words of our friend Sabrina, "Go forth and do great things."

We believe in you!

Facebook Verified ✔️

Facebook Verified ✔️