Black Friday: a look at our 30% OFF items.

Black Friday: a look at our 30% OFF items.

If you follow us on social media you’ll know what happens this weekend.

Friday, November 23rd -Monday, November 26th RVA Creatives will be offering 30-75% off some of our most popular services to help you finish 2018 strong and begin 2019 with intention.

Beginning today we will explore each one of our product offerings to show you how it will help no matter where you are in business

First up Brand Packages.

Your visual identity is just as important as your business plan. Our Brand Package is a system that helps the public identify the what, why, and how of your business. Visual identity’s serves as a voice to communicate consciously and unconsciously who your company is.

Sometimes a company's Brand Identity is visually obvious, like Target's whose iconography features a bullseye. Sometimes it more ironic.

The important thing is having a system that reflects your mission, morals, and the feelings you want your audience to have when they encounter you.

Our Brand Packages includes a set of responsive logos, color scheme, font choices, brand guide, and all the files you'll need for web, print, and social media.

Up next, our Simple Web Design Package.

Very early on we found that 75% of our clients wanted a website but needed something they could update and manage on their own. We start out offering no-code solutions for our clients in 2016, utilizing platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and more.

These solutions made it easier for clients to go in and update after our initial design or redesign of their look. It also gave them the option of having something clean, that looked as if it cost thousands of dollars to code when in reality their package was a tenth of the cost.

These sites offer options such as live streams, client portals and more. We have designed options for clients who had real estate rental businesses, coffee shops, and a business directory.

Our service options include landing pages, stores, full sites, and Wordpress updates and maintenance.

Check the blog tomorrow for details on our offerings for 50% off!

Black Friday: a look at our 50% off items

Black Friday: a look at our 50% off items

A Creative: Heather Toler

A Creative: Heather Toler